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31 January 2013 @ 03:36 pm
p.s.: personal use only.

Since I'm easily forgotten about such things, so I make a post for doramas, anime, movies and manga that I'm currently/ still in my to-do list.

Hanzawa Naoki 6
Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo 5
Share House no Koibito 4

Will watch:

Fairy Tail 151
Baka to Test I 5

Will watch:

Rurouni Kenshin (Live Version)
Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo 2014

Amai Akuma ga Warau
Watashi ni xx Shinasai! 46
Kaicho wa Maid Sama
Vampire Knight
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09 November 2014 @ 03:39 pm
Good morning/ afternoon/ night everyone~!! :D

First of all, the reason why I decided to sell these singles IS NOT because I lose interest for them. I placed these beautiful boys singles deep inside the box in the cupboard (yes, a cupboard!) and I rarely look after them for months. I only played each of them once though, even there're some which still sealed >.<
So, I've decided to give them a better place, a better owner to take care of the singles. Is there any of you would like to take them home?

Here are the singles you can choose to buy:
All in Japanese version


NYC - Yume Tamago LE B IDR 185.000
NYC - Yume Tamago LE A IDR 185.000
Hey!Say!JUMP - OVER RE (first press) IDR 170.000
Hey!Say!JUMP - OVER LE 1 IDR 185.000
Hey!Say!JUMP - OVER LE 2 IDR 185.000
Hey!Say!JUMP - OVER BUNDLE IDR 520.000
Hey!Say!JUMP - Super Delicate LE 2 IDR 185.000
Yamada Ryosuke - Mystery Virgin RE (first press) IDR 170.000
Hey!Say!JUMP - arigatou sekai no doko ni itemo RE IDR 130.000
Hey!Say!JUMP - Magic Power RE (first press) IDR 170.000
Hey!Say!JUMP - Magic Power LE 1 IDR 185.000
Hey!Say!JUMP - Magic Power LE 2 IDR 185.000
Hey!Say!JUMP - Magic Power BUNDLE IDR 520.000
Hey!Say!JUMP - Mayonaka no Shadow Boy RE IDR 130.000
Hey!Say!JUMP - Mayonaka no Shadow Boy LE IDR 185.000
Hey!Say!JUMP - Mayonaka no Shadow Boy BUNDLE IDR 300.000


Hey!Say!JUMP - Ultra Music Power RE [SEALED] IDR 130.000

If you buy >= 3 singles, I'll give you more discounts for sure (if you buy the bundle, no further discount though) :)

I've been thinking to just keep JUMP's album for myself, but I just couldn't help it to keep COaMH singles too, because it has "that feeling" for me (well maybe because I went to JUMP's concert when they'd like to release this single + this single have such a great coupling songs!)

So guys, please comment/ PM me if these singles catch your eyes hahaha xD

p.s.: my current city is Jakarta, Indonesia
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04 January 2014 @ 01:01 pm
So here it is! 2013 was so much fun and many unpredictable things were actually happened to me. Yes, a lot.
I wrote a journal about Time Capsule last year, and I still couldn't believe that the thing I'm not sure about just happened through 2013.

So first, I'd like to give an answer for last time capsule:
College thing, well I didn't know it would be harder than before. My 5th semester had the lowest GPA until now >.<
I do love college! And I take the finance program. Tbh, I'm a bit confused whether I should pick finance or auditing. I have an interest to audit actually, but I can't take one of the credit because I haven't took 1 of the required credit. So, I have no other choice rather than finance, because I have no interest to other program hahaha.
Next, I'm a bit confused whether take the certified program (like CPA, CMA) or continue my study to undergraduate. If I have a chance to going to undergraduate, well my mother frankly said for me to go to Aussie. So what will I choose? :)

Regarding to fandom, nowadays I'm becoming more inactive though. JUMP have a lot of production last year. I'm happy, and it's good for us :D
And JUMP have a new director, it's a good change because everything seems more equally to other members.

And this is the best part! Darl, I've been going to JUMP's concert! *do a standing applause*
Last year, in May 11 to be exact. It's unpredictable, really. And it's a long story why I could watch them live, but I tell you, seeing their concert has been in the top list of my bucking list since I became a fan girl. I would never regret that I ever be in love with JUMP. They taught me the thing like "Dreams Do Come True". Because I would never went to Japan if I don't have any single faith that I could watch their concert someday.

To answer the last part, can I tell you once I really have something to be proud of? Because I have no idea what should I proud of. Yes, I'm happy to be me.
Biggest thing happened to me last year is absolutely and with no doubt I will answer: trip to Japan.
Even for 3 years from now, I still have no idea whether I could go there or not, if I haven't went there before.

Theeennn, I want to make a new time capsule for next year! XD

Hey youuu, I suppose that you're going to graduate in May 2015, don't you? I do hope it's going to be happen :)
You need to be more friendly and kind to your college friends, because it will be hard to meet them again next time.
The test you took for one of the Big 4, how's it going? Will you be a trainee at this December? Or Associate 1? *actually I really want to write about the chance I got to be accepted in 1 of the Big 4*

You will be doing the thesis, won't you?
Hope you doing well!! Give all the best you can, this is gonna be your last fight!!
Next, will you take the master degree? Or take a break and search a job first? You need to think about it. I'll give you time until before graduation day hahahha.
09 May 2013 @ 12:37 am
In 2 days, I'll go to watch JUMP in Tokyo Dome !!!!!
I'm full of excitement right now!

I mean, I've becoming their fans for more than 4 years! And I never had any chances to see them live! But now my wish will be come true XD
Hoping everything will be alright hueehehe :D

Happy bday, Yamada~~ you are already 20 >.<
Time sure flies so fast nah.
Wish you will be a good man in future (it doesn't mean you're not right now, just stay as a good man for sure :D)
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19 February 2013 @ 03:28 pm
Recently, I’ve been read a tetralogy novel by Ilana Tan (Indonesian’s novelist), a best seller novels. The title of each novel wrote the specific season and town: Summer in Seoul, Autumn in Paris, Winter in Tokyo, and Spring in London.
I know that I ever read all of it before, and I feel so stupid because when I read it again. Basically I’m one of the kind of person who will easily forget such things. I read them all, and even though I know, “ah, this one have a happy ending” but I couldn’t remember such things like, “how come they can end up together?” or “what’s the ending?” (p.s.: except for Autumn in Paris, because I’ve read it twice before I read it again. Yes, it’s my favorite novel written by her.)
So, I’d like to review each novel :)

1. Summer in Seoul
Jung Tae-Woo, Seoul famous young singer who came back after four years of avoiding the showbiz world. "I just wanted to ask you to take pictures with me as my girlfriend," said Jung Tae-Woo at the girl in front of him.
Sandy aka Han Soon-Hee, Indonesia-Korea mulatto girl who already know Jung Tae-Woo from the beginning, was not impressed at all. She looked up and stared at him, then said, "Well, as long as my face is not visible."
Originally Jung Tae-Woo unsuspecting why Sandy immediately accepted his offer. While Sandy can only hope she will not regret the decision to get involved with Jung Tae-Woo. The days of summer as a "lover" for Jung Tae-Woo had started. There was a change in feel. But they do not realize the truth of the story four years ago was chasing them.

I like Jung Tae-Woo. From my point of view, he’s an idol but so down to earth. He thinks carefully about his fans, and did his best for them. Someone who would make everyone likes him with one pure smiling to put on his face. On the other hand, Sandy (or Han Soon-Hee) is a unique woman. Her appearance, her way of think. I like both of the main characters.
This is her first novel, but I don’t even feel she have any problems with it, because the way she organize the exact words in exact time to become a sentences is so much more like a pro.

Oh even though the setting is in Seoul, but it doesn’t really show the place so I’m just doing some wild imaginations in my mind :D
(and I'm sorry I can't put any quotes because the thought to make a review about this novels comes up in my mind while I'm already read Autumn in Paris >.<)

2. Autumn in Paris
Tara Dupont likes of Paris and the autumn. She thought he had to have everything in life ... until she meets Tatsuya Fujisawa who is unpredictable and always arouse curiosity from the start.
Tatsuya Fujisawa hates Paris and autumn. He came to Paris to find the people who destroyed his life. But he did not expect fascinated by Tara Dupont, chatty girl but can soothe the soul and mind ... also change Tatsuya and his world. Tara and Tatsuya completely unaware with the thread that connects them to the past, a secret that destroyed any hopes, feelings, and beliefs.
When the truth is revealed, also revealed the meaning of despair... Sense of helplessness ... The fact is so painful to push one of them wanted to end her life...

Gosh, this is the best novel of hers so far for me. It’s not because the ending have a happy/ sad ending that makes me think, “I like this novel” but more like the story, the plots, the way she wrote all the words and sentences, how she could drew exactly what Tatsuya and Tara feels. I put some quotes from this book.

“Just for tonight. He wants to pour out his feelings for her without any guilt.”
“At that time, he wished time could stop. He was willing to give anything as long as it stopped at that time.”
“Does anyone know what it feels like loving someone that should not be loved? I know.”
“... But believe me, I'm willing to let go of anything, do anything, to be with her.”
“Now ... Just for now... Just for a few seconds ... I want to be selfish. I want to forget all the people, ignoring the world, and forget about the origins and background. Without load, demands, or hopes, I want to confess.
I love her.”
“Me and all that I want in life.”
“As long as he's happy, I'll be happy. Simple as that.”

Well, you maybe already know the story of this book from the quotes actually. They just met in a wrong place, wrong time. Tara is an attractive and likes-to-talk woman. While Tatsuya.. ah he’s so romantic, and sweet and romantic and sweet. I don’t know and am not sure whether I would cry again if I read this novel next time. This is totally worth!

3. Winter in Tokyo
My new neighbor, Kazuto Nishimura, came to Tokyo to find a new atmosphere. That's what he said, but I think the reason is more than that. He's such a good, fun, and reliable.
Slowly, perhaps since Christmas Eve I started looking at him in a different way. And since it also it was hard to imagine life without him. Keiko about Kazuto
Since the beginning I've felt something was interesting from Keiko Ishida. Everything feels good when she was there. Everything feels better when she's there. Currently in her heart there is someone she's waiting for. Her first love. I hope she can stop thinking about him and started to see me. Because life without her was not a life. Kazuto about Keiko
They first met at the beginning of winter in Tokyo. During the month together, new feelings began to form. Then everything changed when one day one of them woke up and did not remember everything that happened in the last month, including those who had already become an important part of his life ...

Some quotes:
“Now she knows what it's like waking from a beautiful dream and face the reality.
It was painful.”
“The dream will not last long. She may be living in a dream, but sooner or later reality will push enter.
And when reality pressing in and dealing with you, you can only receive.”
“What should I do so that you can see me?”

I like the plot from this novel. So fresh, feels so real. Neighbor who becoming really close until they feel something for each other. Kazuto is a photographer, and only take the objects he would feels right and good. Keiko likes to read tons books, and still finding her first love. Since I know some places in Tokyo (of course from the dorama lol) so maybe that’s why I could imagine this story in my head.
But actually I kept asking to myself, is there any rain while it’s winter in Japan? I know my geography wasn’t really good though. But I know that the rainy season in Japan (I think) is coming between summer and autumn season. And I don’t get the answer for this at all. *pity myself*

4. Spring in London
That girl did not like him. Why?
Gosh, Danny Jo is a good person. Really! He is always friendly, polite and pleasant. Then why Naomi Ishida kept far away from him like a plague? How can they work together in this music video making when she ignored him every time? What wrong has he done?
However Danny is not a quitter. He will try to approach Naomi to find out the reason she was hostile.
But there are two things that are not accounted for Danny. The first is the possibility that he will fall in love with Naomi Ishida who is a cold, mysterious and secretive. And the second is the possibility that he will uncover a dark secret that could destroy them both and the people they care about.

“I will not be able to avoid you even if I wanted to.”
“Because she, Naomi Ishida, has stupidly gave her heart and soul to Danny Jo.”
“But I knew I had to tell you. I can't possibly keep it forever. I don't know how you will react after hearing it, I just wish you one thing.
Don't go away from me.
Stay by my side.”

Danny is a handsome, kind, and polite, and charming with his smile. Naomi is a beautiful-unique woman with something happened in the past she can’t tell anybody. Well, another happy ending story nah, though they have to wait for 2 years to be happily together lol.
This story has a light plot at the beginning, but becoming more and more intense in the middle. And the ending is quite funny for Danny. XD

What I like about Ilana Tan is the way she wrote the prolog and epilog. It’s really interesting, because it will tells you why it happens like that, so I really super duper like the epilog specially.
And then, this tetralogy also has some kind of connection between the novels. I made this to make it easier to understand though.

Then, should I tell you which couple that I like the most? Basically, I like Tatsuya and Tara's story, it's so painful. But I don't want to have a sad ending couple as my fav though. So I'd choose Nishimura Kazuto and Ishida Keiko from Winter in Tokyo. Like I said above, the story feels so real. How Keiko finally share the hardest and painful incident she ever felt, which can't be said to other people except to someone you trust the most.

So, this is my long review about the 4 novels :D
If you are Indonesian, or you could understand Indonesian very well, give it a go!
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11 February 2013 @ 04:12 pm
Okay, I'd like to post an entry to evaluate -the word just feel don't match ><- the time capsule I made a year ago, here

Another year, means another HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Thank you for this 1 year you spent happily (I guess?) :D
Hmm. When I wrote those comment means I'm still in my 1st semester. Now, I will soon be in my 4th semester. My GPA is somehow up and down, but it's still greater than the score I got in 1st semester. So, darl, you've been working hard for this 2 semesters. Omedetou~!!
And then, I'm still in touch (of course!) with my college friends. I got a lot of new friends since then, but I also feel "aah, we're no longer going out together nowadays" kind of feelings.

My Japanese... Gosh! I haven't came to any course >.< So I guess I don't really make any efforts in my Japanese :(

Yes! I'm still a fan of JUMP. And I still have that "mood-swing" regarding them. They have a single, an album, bunch of concerts. They are so active nowadays, so I guess I still need to supports them lol

Then.. The messages I wrote to JUMP member.
I guess Yabu don't have a lot of appearance in last year, except in JUMP and YY JUMP. Contrastly, I think that Hikka got more attention. And Inoo!! He will graduate this March! Ah, you've been in your 4th year na. So fast! Omedetou XD
Yuya! I like your character in Bakaleya. It's just so you hoho
NakaYamaDai still remains the same nah, either for Keito. He went to Sophia Univ, soo.. Work hard dude! lol
Chinen got 2 consecutive dramas. I still have a high hopes that you will be a college student. :(
Honestly, I wonder why I wrote such a message to them lol

Then, can I make another time capsule in this post too?

I want to cut it from hereCollapse )

So, the "ME" for this 1 year, be prepare for the upcoming joys, sadness, happiness, and sorrow you will passed. I'm counting on yourself!
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31 January 2013 @ 09:34 pm
I actually watched it few days ago. It really impressed me when I saw it, because they dubbed it in English though.
It really made me have such a wild thought like: "Why I'm not in Japan?" or "Why I have to be their fans?"
As an international fan, I'm depressed.
I've been a fan since 2009, for this long-and-hard 4 years, I haven't saw them live even once. To see their hard work to please the fans, to give them courage in concert, to enjoy and feels the togetherness with them. Gosh, I just pity myself :'(
Well basically, I do have a reason why sometimes I feels so blue regarding to them. I hate to be unseen, like I mean, do they notice that they have a fan from a place-which-is-so-far-away-from-Japan who feels happy while seeing them in show but can't stand to see them live?

Sigh. Okay I just need to stop it here. I won't make this kind of stuff will annoys me any further.
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17 November 2012 @ 12:51 pm
Long time no see my LJ >.<
And somehow I got a new idea to awake this journal. lol

Yes. It's all about Yamada's solo -which become a super huge and shocking news for fans this morning- that I'd like to write about.

Since his popularity rises along with the time, I know this time will come. Doing solo project. But I never thought that it would come this fast. No, I'm not afraid with this "upcoming disaster" until... His fellow member in NYC, Yuma, did a solo single. At the time when I knew that Yuma will do a single for his drama, the time for Yamada to do the same thing as Yuma came up on my mind. Just admit it, Yamada is more popular than Yuma, and giving a chance for Yuma to have a single will open a broad big and easy way for Yamada to do the same as well. That's why I'm afraid with it.
(But it's kind of funny when Yuma have a single but no one afraid of losing him on NYC.)

If there're no sad facts about doing solo while he's still on a group, I'd really happy to hear it! But in facts, his senpai in JE doing it in wrong way (and giving a bad habits). Let's see Jin, and Yamapi. They're both the most popular member in group (Well but KT still have Kame), and both ended up quit the group to be a solo artist. I DON'T WANT JUMP TO HAVE THE SAME ENDING!

Yamada, he was born to be a star, I knew it. He have bunch of fans, but also a lot of haters. This solo debut is what we called as "the haters gonna hate" kind of thing. Giving him too much spotlights, lyrics, talking. I don't like the fact that some members only have a less-than-5-seconds to shop up their face but Yamada have a half of the performances.

But Yamada's happy right? He said that his dream come true. (I don't know that he even have a wild dream to be a soloist ==a)
So why don't we congratulates him?
This is his decision, and Johnny's decision. This is his life, and if he taught that a chance to have a single debut will be a good way for him, it's up to him! Maybe this is his way to be more "MANDIRI".

So, Yamada.. This is some notes I want you to know.
1. I'd like to say "Congratulations!" You should be proud of yourself since only a few people have a chance to do solo debut.
2. Do your best to prove yourself to the fans that even though you have a solo, you won't disappointed us, at least don't makes me disappointed with your decision.
3. Keep in mind that JUMP will always be your family, and you will lives with them forever, your members are there and welcomed you back home.

As long as you can divide the work as a solo and as a JUMP, you're in a safe area. Good luck with your upcoming works!! :D

His solo single "Mystery Virgin" will be release at 9th January 2013. I don't know whether I want to order it or no, let's just see the contains of the single yo. ^^v
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24 January 2012 @ 08:48 am
What is your Chinese zodiac animal?

Dog!!! Hahaha.
I'm 1994, yeah :D
02 January 2012 @ 03:44 pm
Well, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all!! Wish all the best come in next year 2012!
Yeah, so another year passed by. There were a lot that happened actually.
My graduations from high school, going to university, new college friends, my prom night, how to keep a tight with SHS friends (you couldn't realized it's hard because of some and other reasons)
The beginning of 2011 was live in actually, so many things happened that time.
And then, my 17th birthday in march, yeah now I'm 17th! i'm mature in government's eyes. lol. But I'm not truly a mature person though.
Then, final exams, prom, and graduation on may.
August with a new "life" as a university student. yeah, for years onward, ill be going to this university and trying to be a great accountant. ^^
And december, when the semester 1 was already done. i have to say goodbye to some of B class, because maybe for the next class we won't get the same class. T_T
The first semester, really felt like a class at high school. fixed friends, but only for 6 months. >.<
And then we got Christmas, and happy new year!
The countdown didn't hilarious this time because I didn't spare my time with my friends, like I did last year.

And then, what's my resolution for this year?
Family, friends, and specially God. And btw, I want to improve my Japanese, so I'd like to take a course in my university. Ganbatte!
And then, I want to have a good GPA. At least 3,5 though.

Hwaa~ so fast it's already 2012 yo. Wish us has a blast and a great one. ^^
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